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CNTRL-SPACE is an interactive digital projection environment exhibit that explores the Illusion of Control in a technocratic society. It enables the visitor to affect the images that are projected onto a variable number of projection surfaces and screens dependent upon the space available. It allows for “magic phrases” to be input into the system via gallery visitor’s smartphones that search the internet and are used to produce an instant full screen collage of images. Using web APIs that are freely available online for a variety of image sourcing sites the experience is immediate connective and is an illusion of control. In addition, the installation visitors may move projected 3D surfaces that the aforementioned images are visually mapped onto via touch sensitive devices placed in the gallery space.  This makes for an indulgent, participatory art making experience for the visitor.

CNTRL-SPACE also addresses the idea of surveillance based upon current technologies provided by super company Microsoft using their messianic gesture device, the Kinect. The visitors to the space are watched as they watch, marked as they are marked, and recorded as they record the experience. This data is secretly applied then input into the CNTRL-SPACE system to adjust the placement of a final snapshot, i.e. how the environment will appear upon the exit of the visitor from the CNTRL-SPACE. This is the image that will greet the next visitor upon entrance into the CNTRL-SPACE.

Video from the documentary is available on vimeo: