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South Eastern Theatre Conference

Greensboro, North Carolina  March 4 ,2016

We’re thrilled to welcome back Patrick Pagano, Projection and Audio Design Faculty at Digital Worlds Institute, as a masterclass presenter at the 67th annual SETC Convention this March in Greensboro, NC.

Interactive Theatre Technologies for Projection and Audio Design


Interactive Theatre Technologies for Projection and Audio Design is an advanced workshop for projection and audio designers interested in using cutting-edge devices to produce innovative theatre experiences. The workshop will unpack how and when to use devices like the Nintendo Wii, the new Leap Motion, the Microsoft Kinect and iPhones for innovative, real-time interaction with audiences and performers. The projection design portion of the workshop will focus on the NEW features of Isadora 2.0 and introduce VDMX, Touch Designer and Extended View Toolkit, a free research projection mapping tool for those under tight budgets.

Each attendee will receive a take-home 4GB USB drive full of tips, tricks, software demos and patch and hundreds of re-usable examples to use in your productions. The presenter has spent the last 8 years compiling and preparing a textbook to address new media use in theatre pertaining to projection design.

The program was presented in two, two-hour sessions on Friday, March 4, 2016:

  • Part I:  Fri., March 4,  10am – Noon
  • Part II:  Fri., March 4,  4pm – 6pm

As part of Drama Victoria’s ongoing commitment to bringing the most innovative and engaging content, we have invited eminent Drama educator and technical genius, Patrick Pagano, to show the myriad of ways you can use basic equipment that every school has coupled with free and widely available software to create lighting and stage effects that even the pros will marvel at! With just a projector and a surface (which could well be the performers themselves) Patrick will show how design can contribute not just scenographic context, but symbolic and dynamic juxtapositional meanings in synergy with the performance.

This session comprises an inspiring seminar where Patrick will examine the endless possibilities created by his techniques. Watch in awe as he explains effects he has achieved with just a little bit of know-how and a lot of
inspiration. This seminar requires no technical expertise and explores creative opportunities for projection.