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I refer to my work as “hybrid media conspiracy”.

I author software and create curriculum that is at the locus of interactivity, graphics and performance design. These fields of have converged enormously in the past ten years and I am comfortable and confident both educating others and design media for performance, advertising and fine art presentation. Since the late 1990s, I have performed with electronic musicians as “HumansNeedLumens” — a VJ; a Video Jockey spewing “eye-candy” but now more dignified as “Projections Designer”. I have spent many years as technical director for both theatrical and academic streaming media environments but finding most satisfaction creating installation and in fine arts performances all over the world. I reject the term installation refining my software creations, graphics technique and programming arsenal now for experiential demonstration and immersive corridors between fields. Over the past 7 years this has manifested as sold-out workshops, conference engagements and performances for music, theatre, opera and dance that fuse research edge interactivity and large scale graphic environments.  At my workshops I can teach interactivity and graphics to both novice and mature artists, designers and technologists telescoping the materials based upon their varying levels of experience.

At the University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute, I have authored and delivered both graduate and undergraduate curriculum. I helped fashion the graduate program and developed the Bachelors degree as well. I have recruited and retained undergraduates and graduates who have come from all around the globe from a variety of disciplines to study. I am humbled by their devotion and proud of their achievements and maintain a global network. In the department, I have served on multiple thesis committees for the university: service and college committees ranging from awards to curriculum, technology to peer review. In addition, to mentoring new faculty and staff during my ten years as Assistant in Digital Arts and Science I acted as liaison between Digital Worlds and Music, Theatre and the School of Art and Art History creating media properties and student events to support the works my students created.

As a student, I received the first ever M.F.A. in Digital Arts and Science from the University of Florida. My Thesis was a mixture of graphics, ephemeral video, software and performance and I was awarded Outstanding Student and Outstanding Student Leadership awards for my endeavors both on campus and in our community. The works I sketched in graduate work matured into mentoring student groups and official outreach arms to local underprivileged elementary schools where I donated my time for Summer Computer Camps and created “AVClub” a media property for a Digital Convergence Series that paired local electronic musicians with graduate projection and digital designers. Most recently, a performance converged contact improvisation modern dance, OpenGL audio stimulated projection and network interactivity to re-mediate a Maya Deren classic “The Very Eye of Night.

As a researcher, I am authoring a text on the specifics of interactive performance with projections entitled “Technical Ecstasy” the textbook features my research with Kinect, Leap Motion, Linux and advanced media systems and original software development that is presented as a “HOW TO” for media professionals and business entities interested in including interactivity into performances, theatre, concerts, advertising and other media rich events. Most recently, I have designed several IOS applications awaiting proper investment, while creating summer courses that teach IOS/Android app design. I am also working on hybrid media device using Raspberry Pi2 and Arduino Pro mini serial control boards for a digital design product LLC entitled, “Disruptive Signals”.