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I refer to my work as “hybrid media conspiracy

I author software and create curriculum that is at the locus of interactivity, graphics and performance design. These fields have notably converged in the past ten years and educating others in design for performance, advertising and fine art presentation has enabled me to attain a level of expertise and comfort with a wide variety of software and hardware tools. Since the late 1990s, I have performed with electronic musicians as “HumansNeedLumens” -at first a “Video Jockey” spewing “eye-candy” but now more dignified as “Projections Designer” as the media trend has emerged. I have spent many years as technical director for both theatrical and academic streaming media environments but found most satisfaction creating installation and fine arts performance. I now reject the term ‘installation’ refining my software creations, graphics technique and programming arsenal for experiential demonstration and immersive corridors between fields, i feel installation connotes boring video art. Over the past 7 years, sold-out workshops, conference engagements and performances for electronic music, theatre, opera and dance that fuse research edge interactivity and large scale graphics and media environments have informed my art practices and brought me a sense of technologic confidence and an artistic clarity.  At my workshops, this clarity has enables me to share my approach of interactivity and graphics to both novice and mature artists, designers and technologists; telescoping the materials based upon their varying levels of experience with great result.
A mixture of graphics, ephemeral video, software and performance my endeavors both on campus and in community have matured while mentoring student groups and outreach programs for disenfranchised elementary schools. I donate personal time for Summer Computer Camps and create media properties for a Digital Convergence events that pair local community electronic musicians with graduate projection and digital designers under my mentorship. Most recently, a performance converged the elements of contact improvisation modern dance, OpenGL audio-stimulated projections and network interactivity to re-mediate the Maya Deren classic, “The Very Eye of Night”; the community tap into the wealth of the university’s resources while graduate students embrace agency both in design and in study of an  iconic artists. A successful teaching moment.
As a researcher, I am authoring a text on the specifics of interactive performance with projections entitled “Technical Ecstasy” the textbook features my research with mapping, non-rectilinear surfaces, Kinect, Leap Motion, Linux and other advanced media systems with original software development that is presented as a “HOW TO” for media professionals and business entities interested in injecting interactivity into performances, theatre, concerts, advertising and other public events. I quietly remove the gauntlets between technology and the artist, presenting new ideas, styles and narrative to audiences and  creating fertile incubation for my students, often without them initially being aware of it.   hybrid media conspiracy.
Patrick Pagano