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Patrick Pagano
Phone: 352.226.2016
12957435_10153726930268432_1795871473833263149_oPatrick Pagano uses the multi-disciplinary technological fields of computer science, video, audio, photography and the integration of these primary devices with a digital praxis. He has over 17 years of experience in the fields of Advanced Media Systems, Projection Design, Live Performance Production and is an expert in the use of various digital software production tools. Patrick received his BS in Telecommunications from the UF, an MFA in Digital Arts and Sciences from the University of Florida as well as a degree in Just Intonation and Instrument Design from the South East Just Intonation Society.

Mr. Pagano’s research in the area of digital fine arts has led to the development of a suite of open source tools specifically geared towards hybrid media performance, theatrical projection and electro-acoustic soundscapes. He has produced and appeared on over 50 audio recordings. In 2010 he performed live in concert “Raga Shree” & “Raga Yaman Kalyan” with Ravi Shankar at the University Center for Performing Arts culminating 20 years of Hindustani Raga study.  An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Mr. Pagano plays and offers instruction for over 10 instruments, including Sitar, Tamboura, Violin, Piano, Synthesizer, Clarinet, Tuvan and Urtin Duu overtone singing.

Mr. Pagano teaches courses on Interactive Web Design, Digital Design and Visualization, Interdisciplinary Design Methods, Projection Design I & II, Audio Design for Digital Productions, Digital Performance Production, Interaction Design and Interactive Storytelling. Patrick has presented work at the Dali Museum of Art, performed streaming live Audio-Visual performances @ Emily Carr University in Vancouver during IDMAA 2010, curated a collaborations between University of Florida’s Digital Worlds Institute and numerous global partners for a multimedia performance show, “AVCLUB” and most recently presented his own solo interactive media installation “CTRL SPACE” at UF Fine Arts Gallery in 2014. Patrick spent the last two years giving international design workshops in Australia and works nationally in conference master classes  for SETC [South Eastern Theatre Conference]. Recent works focus on uniting chaos and fractal mathematics with interactive real time graphics were presented at the University of Florida’s Harn Museum of Art.

As of August 2016, Patrick is leading the Web & Interactive Track in the Digital Media and Design department at the University of Connecticut, Stamford Campus and has been developing interactive 3D worlds with Oculus Rift, Jitter, Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion technologies.