MLE was performed @ MASH  02-April-2016

“The Lyapunov Exponent in a dynamical system is a quantity that characterizes the rate of separation of infinitesimally close trajectories, in this case used for Audio/Visual performance. It is common to refer to the largest Lyapunov exponent as the Maximal Lyapunov Exponent (MLE), because it determines a notion of predictability for a dynamical system. A positive MLE is usually taken as an indication that the system is chaotic ”

Patrick Pagano  is a American sound and light artist who lives and works in the United States. Pagano’s work is concerned primarily with pure musical intervals of just intonation, interactive visuals controlled by Fourier Fast Transformations(FFT) and large scale motion graphics. Initially working as a minimalist after studying with the American Avant-garde Composer, La Monte Thornton Young (born October 14, 1935), Pagano’s work turned to the study of Hindustani Classical music and live audio-visual performance and installation aided by computers. In 2008, Mr. Pagano performed. “Raga Shree” with world-renowned father of World Music, Ravi Shankar (7 April 1920 – 11 December 2012).

Video of the event: