Stills from the interactive dance “The Very Eyes of Night”

“Annuaki Faith”


AV Club 2015: The Very Eyes of Night

Professor Pagano continues his annual presentation for the Digital Convergence Series (DCS) with AV Club 2015, featuring an experimental dance piece—The Very Eyes of Night (2015)—an homage to Maya Deren, the American Avant-garde filmmaker and choreographer, in addition to featuring two local and international experimental artists.

“This year’s production will feature a groundbreaking collaboration between UF School of Theatre and Dance students and the Digital Worlds Institute in a remediation of Maya Deren’s work, ‘The Very Eye of Night,’” said DW faculty and event coordinator, Pat Pagano. The dance piece will be choreographed by Manrique Torrens, a dancer and student in Pagano’s Digital Projection Design course.

Local artists Annunaki and Hale Bopp will be joined by Irish-based sound and visual designer, Maura McDonnell, and UK-based multimedia artist John Weinel.

“Similar to last year’s Digital Convergence Series which streamed live from France, AV Club 2015 will feature live submissions from artists from Ireland and the United Kingdom,” Pagano said.

Live musical performances at AV Club 2015 will be using a combination of modular, hybrid, analogue and digital synthesizers, as well as software written at Digital Worlds by Patrick Pagano and alumni of the MA in DAS program.